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What's new?

  • Plan Ahead! Quickly see upcoming sermons of the week as well as previous lessons.
  • For PLUS members: The “Download all” button quickly downloads all lesson plans, resources, and activities - save time preparing for Sunday.
  • Now, easily discover related sermons and activities.
  • Recommended sermons and activities - find great new relevant content.
  • Improved search and filtering. Easily find what you need.
  • Improved menu options for better navigation.

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What's the same?

  • Thousands of free sermons and activities.
  • The homepage still has the Sermon of the Week.
  • Find free sermons and object lessons.
  • Access free activities and resources.
  • Continue using Keys for Kids for free.


Why did you decide to redesign the site? I liked it the old way...
Sermons4Kids has long had an iconic look. However, as Sermons4Kids grows and offers more materials, we feel the site must also grow. The redesign comes naturally out of our efforts to provide people with great children’s messages that are current and engaging. We also want to improve our site’s search results so that everyone has an easier time finding great resources!

When will the Classic site go away?
In a couple of weeks after people have an opportunity to explore the new site.

What if I don’t like the new site and I prefer to use the classic site?
We've tried to make the navigation easier to use and improve search results. While we understand that it may take time to adjust to the new layout, we believe it will provide a better experience overall. The classic site will be available for several weeks while everyone adjusts to the new site.

Some of the old categories are gone. Where are those sermons now?
We have simplified our categories to make them easier to navigate for everyone. There are new categories, which we hope you'll explore. We also bolstered our search, so you'll still be able to find sermons based on the topic, even if there isn’t a category for that topic.

If I don’t have a PLUS membership, can I use the new “download all” button?
The “download all” button is a feature of Sermons4Kids PLUS; therefore, non-paying users can continue to download individual resources one at a time.

How much does Sermons4Kids PLUS cost?
After your free 14-day trial, Sermons4Kids PLUS is only $9.99 a month. A year’s worth of Sermons4Kids PLUS is cheaper than most 12-week curriculums. But, for the next few weeks, you can 
sign up for $7.99 right here.

If you have any concerns or additional questions, please email us at 
[email protected] today.

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